Will H Ogilvie. 21st August 1869 / 30th January 1963

Over these last few days we have heard so much of the life and times of Will H Ogilvie in an attempt to spread the word of his great writings, putting Pen to Paper and leave us a legacy of wonderful poetry and verse, during his long life from his birthplace at Holefield Kelso, to New South Wales, Australia and back here to his last home at Kirklea Ashkirk.
I found it quite scary when I looked back and thought I have been reciting Ogilvie poetry for 67 years. The first poem I did at West Port Church Sunday School in Hawick, was The Barefoot Maid.
Her lips made rebel laughter, her locks fell gipsy free
She was the queen of summertime and stole my heart from me
After that Sunday School Concert, a gentleman by the name of John Dodds, Cheviot Road, Hawick, gave me a handful of typed out poems and that was me hooked and sent me forward with Will Ogilvies poems and writings firmly to the fore. As years past I was saddened to find out that when he passed away I was 16 years old and never had or taken or been given the chance to meet this Great Old Man and he lived a stone’s throw away from Branxholm Braes here at Ashkirk.
Some of his lesser heard poems are so much of everyday life
Here at Ashkirk we are in the middle of Border Sheep Country and at this time of year the Hirsels are being gathered for weaning and selling of lambs.
From Essenside to Huntly,
From Peel to Hartwoodmyres

Will Ogilvie never wanted great acclaim and praise for his writings in his lifetime, he only a thought that someone might create a water trough weary animals and none more so than the horses which really were his life. Whether he was in the saddle or they were pulling the plough.
Poem HOOFS of the HORSES
The hoofs of the horses!—O! witching and sweet
Is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet
I think like me you will now realise why his ashes are scattered on the hill road to Roberton.
We come now to THE LAND WE LOVE. On the opposite page of the first poem in the book of that name is a Quote from,
God gave all men all earth to love
But since our hearts are small
Ordained for each one spot should prove
Beloved over all.
Just a line of blue hills to remember;
Just a valley one fails to forget,
A Philip Murray
18th August 2019
Ashkirk Church.