There are various cairns and memorials around the world commemorating the contributions of Will.

A misty early December 2021 view towards Harden Glen.  (Reproduced with permission of Derek Oliver.)

The Harden Glen cairn

On the hill road to Robertson, you go to Harden Glen.  This is the replacement cairn and location for an earlier cairn.  (Photo credit: Trustee IL.)


The memorial stone in the Ogilvie enclosure at the Ashkirk Cemetery, between Selkirk and Hawick.  Katherine ‘Madge’ Ogilvie is actually buried in the Ettrickbridge cemetery in the Scott Anderson family area (‘Scott Anderson’ is the family name). (Photo credit: Trustee IL.)

Kelso road

The dedicated ‘Will H. Ogilvie Way’, between Kelso and Holefield Farm. (Photo credit: Trustee NF.)

Holefield Farm

The commemoration stone opposite Will’s birthplace of Holefield Farm.  (Photo credit: Trustee NF.)


Bourke cairn

In the far west town of Bourke in New South Wales, Australia, in Poets Corner is a copy of the first Harden Glen cairn.  (Photo credit: Trustee WJ.)

Stockman’s Hall of Fame

In Longreach, western Queensland, you will find one of Will’s last poems, specifically written for stockman and businessman R. M. Williams, for the intended hall of fame.  (Photo credit: Provided by the archivists at the HOF.)

Penola presence

In Penola, South Australia you will find two acknowledgements of Will’s engagement in the area.  On the Maooupe road is a cairn, whilst in town on the footpath you will find a special paver. (Photo credits: Evelynne Bowden, Penola.)