"Where can I get copies of Will's anthologies?"

Will wrote over 900 poems, ballads, and prose, 50 short stories, and several newspaper articles. Many of these are captured in his twenty anthologies and three posthumous anthologies. Another posthumous anthology is slowly in the works.

The Memorial Trust holds the posthumous anthologies for purchase – after printing costs, the residual money going towards various educational endeavours. There is also the 1998 reprint of the 1959 The border poems of Will H. Ogilvie.

HarperCollins Australia, the successors of The Bulletin, and Angus and Robertson, in 2018 reprinted the trench cover edition of the 1916 The Australian, and other verses. The anthology can be fitted in one’s pack of military uniform, reproducing the original size.

To obtain other works of Will, second hand book dealers should be consulted for the genuine article. However as many are approaching a century old, they are a rare but valuable find.

"Where can I read more about Will's life?"

You have read our site and developed an appetite. The first starting point is [Wikipedia], and then the 1994 biography Balladist of Borders & Bush (120 pages) written by his son George (available for purchase from the Trust’s online shop). Australian folklorist John Meredith wrote the 1996 Breaker’s mate: Will Ogilvie in Australia (276 pages), a biography, exploring, critiquing and providing an interpretation of Ogilvie’s work.

Of course, an hour south of Edinburgh, Will’s words can be seen. Visit the village of Ashkirk, and amble the high road to Roberton in the Scottish Borders.

For a pilgrimage, check out the online [map] of places part of Will’s life or referred to within his poems. Four cairns in the world to his memory celebrate his contributions:

Ashkirk, Scottish Borders, Scotland (on the road to Roberton)
Kelso, Scottish Borders, Scotland (near Holefield Farm, the place of his birth)
Bourke, New South Wales, Australia (at Poets Corner)
Penola, South Australia, Australia (on the Maaoupe Road)

"Are his works still under copyright?"

Will’s poems, short stories, ballads, and other writings remain under copyright until 2033.

For his poems, copyright is held by his estate. Please submit a request to the Trust, and we will contact the holder. Please indicate the poems, intended distribution, etc.

Separately, many of his anthologies are subject to copyright by a publishing house. Representations to the publisher would need to be made to negotiate arrangements. We may be able to assist in directing inquiries.

"I would like to do an honours or PhD dissertation on Will's poetry. Who do I contact?"

We encourage literary and historical study of Will’s works and life. Ideas should be submitted indicating the type of resources being sought, and time frames, and we will reply.

Of course we would be interested in receiving theses involving Will, and where approved by the author and suitable, to place these on this website to share with others.